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Fumigación aérea

Agricultural aviation has been a significant evolution in recent years; so much so, that most of the current commercial crops would be economically unviable without the use of this vital tool. Factors such as the size and number of drops per cm2, effective width of application and application time can be controlled perfectly suited to the needs of each crop, making the system in the most efficient, fast and safe for care and protection of local products. In Aerotec, we have the human, technical resources, and commitment, to work in each specific need, in the search for new and efficient solutions for each individual need. Please, do not hesitate to contact us.

Other benefits of aerial application.

Less Water. The effectiveness of the equipment used in agricultural aviation, will achieve the same results with much less water.

Best Water. The relatively small amount of water needed, allows the correct conditioning thereof, acidity, hardness, purity, etc., in order to achieve optimal results.

Menos Combustible. Menor requerimiento de combustibles y energía utilizados en la logística del agua utilizada.

Smaller carbon footprint. The amount of fossil fuels used – in comparisson with an equal area treated by a traditional method - is a minimum fraction. In addition, residues combustion (exhaust) are released farther from the crop, resulting in the absence of these in the plant.

Faster. About 100 hectares per hour of work. Depending on the area and crop to apply.

Safer. The staff has not contact or exposure with the pesticide.

Best Quality Work. The broth is prepared, with clean water which was previously conditioned and additivated with adjuvants those which allow homogenize the drop size, achieving a greater cover of foliage surface, better adhesion and greater efficacy of the active ingredient used.- On the other hand, you have an accurate record of the active ingredient dose.-

At the best time. The speed treatment, allow to choose the optimum time for application. Operations immediately after rain, although the ground is not suitable, it is possible. This is vital for optimal results.

Not spread pests. No machine is in direct contact with crops, which is inevitable in land applications, as demonstrated in the spread of the moth Vid.-

No damage to crops. As the aircraft does not pass through into crops it does not produce stepped or damage to crops, irrigation system or structures.

No soil compaction. Opposite of what happens with ground equipments, whose weight, maximize the effects of compacting.-

Better use of tractors. In intensive crops (eg. Vid), the hours / year of operation tractors are reduced, allowing them be available to specific works.

Less labor. Decrease the amount of man hours work.-

More and better control. It facilitates management control treatment in general.

• Reduce logistics of water and agrochemicals costs.

• Eliminates handling losses and / or pesticide dosing errors, adjuvants and fertilizers.

 Eliminates handling losses and / or pesticide dosing errors, adjuvants and fertilizers.

 Allows to control application since AEROTEC recorded in real time, all the inherent data to the application, delivering a complete report of each work.-

For reasons of economy, efficiency, speed, and efficiency, aerial application is a strategic ally of farming company.


  • Preceding to contract our services, technicians of AEROTEC and the agricultural company, will visit the crops in order to know details of the geo-referenced data of the crop and the area to be treated and the particular details of the plots.-
  • During the process of the work, an auxiliar GPS equipment with a real-time transmission allows records Track flight, flow values applied and the total working time, indicating details of the tour with the equipment working.
  • These data allows to elaborate a report in which all data of the treatment.
  • During the execution of treatment, within the culture are placed randomly water sensitive cards by which you can evaluate the effectiveness of treatment, in terms of field evaluation of the drop size and number of impacts per cm2, the result of which is part of the final report that the client receives.

Aerial spraying
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